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Call for Wasps!

In Bee Or Wasp terminology the speakers are called »Wasps«, because they are out there, on the stage, hunting for fame and feedback. The audience are the »Bees«, they are buzzing around, seeking inspiration and always eager to socialise.

Right now the call is out for new speakers for our upcoming events. Don’t be shy, bee a wasp! Get in touch with us through our Meetup group or send a mail to if you’d like to participate.

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»What Would You Rather
Bee Or A Wasp?«
(Gary Moore)

What is Bee Or Wasp?

Bee Or Wasp was started in 2009 as a show case salon for creative ideas from a wide range of fields such as design, art, new media, film, fashion, photography. A non-profit event it at first took place roughly every other month (or in longer intervals if we were too busy with other stuff) in changing venues around Shanghai.

Since early 2013 Bee Or Wasp has been integrated in the activities of Quilt And Blanket, a Shanghai based consultancy for intercultural communciation and design. At Quilt And Blanket we understand Bee Or Wasp as our way to give back to the creative community by organising events to share inspiration. Apart from that Bee Or Wasp is also our playground and sandbox for testing new ideas and concepts. Or sometimes old ideas in a new context, which Powerpoint Karaoke is a great example for.

The title Bee Or Wasp is a short form of »What would you rather bee or a wasp?« which was borrowed from the title of a great instrumenal tune by the late rock guitarist Gary Moore. The metaphor goes as follows: the Bees are the audience, buzzing around for inspiration from crowd and screen, the Wasps are the presenters, hunting for seven minutes of fame on the stage. Both enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the event and the drinks.

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